About Waylon

Waylon Kenning, Managing Director

Waylon Kenning

Hi, I’m Waylon Kenning, and I’m really passionate about solving problems with technology. I’m based in Wellington, New Zealand, and I like thinking about these sorts of problems:

  • How organisations manage their assets, including different types of assets such as water, property, and roading assets;
  • How organisations manage their documents and records, including getting access to that information from other applications and to the public;
  • How councils manage their library assets, providing customers new ways to explore the library collection.

In addition, I’m thinking about some more intangible things:

  • How an Information Technology unit delivers a really customer-focused experience to internal and external customers;
  • How an Information Technology unit can build long lasting open honest relationship with other units;
  • How I can help the council deliver awesome e-services that enable customers to get the information they need, do the transactions they want to do, all in a more efficient manner.

Of course, my thinking isn’t limited to local government. I’m also considering some wider problems:

  • How an organisation can implement Enterprise Architecture;
  • Creating generic content and workflow applications that can meet the needs of most knowledge-centric organisations, such as regulatory bodies, doctors, lawyers etc.

I’ve got good experience in Systems Analysis, Business Analysis, Solutions Architecture, and a growing interest in Enterprise Architecture.